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About Us


SIMPLE POSTURE – Feel Good! Live Better!


Our mission is to provide our customers with Innovative products for maintaining health and active lifestyle. We curate and work with top brands in industry to design,create and produce products ranging from yoga,sports, gym and pain relief products.We believe and stand by our quality and offer lifelong guarantee.


We envision that our SIMPLE POSTURE products will revolutionize the way that people deal with Health and Lifestyle; that their overall wellbeing will improve; that our brand will become synonymous with the word HEALTH; and that we will set the benchmark by which our competitors measure product excellence.


  • Quality – Our products are made with premium materials  that are stylish, easy to clean and highly durable.


  • Results – Our customers’ testimonials confirm that SIMPLE POSTURE products have brought them the relief they never thought possible.


  • Simplicity – Our sleek, stylish products are simple to use and innovative.


  • Affordability – High value at an affordable price with a 100% satisfaction guarantee make our products the number one choice in office comfort aids.


  • Protection – Our goal is to not only make you healthy and active but to provide proactive lifestyle products!

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