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Excellent product and company
First, the company is incredibly friendly with excellent customer service. Second, the pillow itself is remarkable. I purchased it for my office chair at work. Originally, that chair would make me uncomfortable within an hour, and after a few hours my tailbone would hurt. When I threw my lower back out I had trouble sitting even in comfortable chairs, yet with this back cushion I could sit in my office chair for 8 hours without issue. I think because of how large and sturdy it is, not only does it help keep you in a more comfortable sitting position, it helps distribute your weight better so all that force isn't sitting directly on your coccyx. I'm planning on buying a second one for my wife's car for when we go on vacation in a couple weeks. 
A great cushion 
Excellent product. Very supportive and comfortable. 
This past May, I purchased SimplePosture's useat and...
This past May, I purchased SImplePosture's uSeat and the Backguard in preparation for a business trip to South Africa. I had been experiencing more frequent and prolonged episodes of back pain after my domestic flights. My research and purchase was rewarded: no back pain, no hip pain. None. So, for every trip thereafter (1-2 times/month), these cushions are my most important travel items. 
Excellent fit, comfort and support
I have a bulging disc in my lower back, and I have difficulty finding a comfortable sitting position on soft furniture. This product allows me to sit comfortably on the couch or in my computer chair. 
Delighted with the BackGuard cushion
Very pleased with this entire transaction! The BackGuard cushion is even better than anticipated! It can be used right side up, or upside down depending on how much support you desire & where you want or need it. The strap at the back makes attachment to a wheel chair easy & keeps the cushion positioned well. The memory foam inside contours to your back when used making it comfortable to sit for long periods with the support you need. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a need for back supporting device. The service from Simple Pleasure is terrific, & they have been a pleasure to deal with! 
Very nice quality and good price
Arrived quickly, very nice quality and good price. It's being used in an office setting and is making the time spent in an office chair much more comfortable. Appreciate that the company reached out to make sure we were happy with the item.
It's worth the money
My wife and I love the Backguard -- and plan to buy another.
It's great for long trips while driving or for working at a computer.
Good quality product
Ordered cushions for two (2) employees. Both are very content with this particular product. Thank you.
Great product that fulfills its function
Good product. I am very satisfied.
Excellent product
Works like a charm. Have lumbar disc issues. It's versatile and offers support in just the right way. Great company, Fast shipping, and Excellent communication/Customer Care. Highly recommend these folks!!
Nothing better out there
After reading the reviews I quickly cancelled an order for another support. I am so glad I was able to cancel the first one I ordered and order this one. My wife used it in the car this week on a 400 mile trip and was impressed with the comfort it gave her. I am very impressed with the quality and the attentiveness of the company. This was a great transaction from start to finish.
An amazing product for an amazing price
The product is really comfortable and well made!
Turns any chair into an ergonomic chair (especially with useat)
I'm really impressed. Between this and SimplePosture's uSeat, I've turned a regular kitchen chair into what feels and functions like a full ergonomic chair. It *feels* great in that it's really comfortable, and I notice it actually helps me sit with a proper posture. I've tried some of the cheaper products like this and they don't come close to the comfort and function this offers, especially when combined with the uSeat. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone.