Full Face Snorkeling Masks With Panoramic View  And Go-Pro Compatible

Full Face Snorkeling Masks With Panoramic View And Go-Pro Compatible

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Size: Measure from the bridge of your nose and chin. If the length is less than 4.7(12cm) inches, select Small. If the length is greater than 4.7 (12cm) inches, select Large.

180°Full Face Snorkeling Design: 2018 upgrade model snorkeling mask provides a 180° viewing area, You will see more beautiful fish and sea creatures than the old flat-screened model mask. With detachable GoPro Mount, you can easily capture underwater adventures and share it with your friends and family.  

Easy to Breathe, Anti-Leaking: Dry Snorkel system at the top allows the valve to close automatically to prevent water from flushing into the tub,at the same time,the longer dry tube allows you to snorkel deeper than before.Now say good bye to the traditional breathing tube,you no longer need to clinch your jaw while snorkeling.

Anti-fogging with Separate Air Flow Design: Separate inhaling and exhaling channels effectively prevents the mask from fogging up, Provides a clear viewing. You can see the underwater world more clearly.

Safety Material, More comfortable: Made of Food grade liquid silicone,anti-allergic. It is safety and healthy for the skin, soft elastic straps won't pull hair, more comfortable while snorkeling.

Exploring the underwater word with MITO 180°Full Face Snorkel Mask, it would be a wonderful experience, so what are you waiting for?Click the button "add to cart"

Whether you don't adapt the snorkeling way breathing by mouth?

Whether you worry about the inhaled water in underwater snorkeling or fogging in mask?

The professional MITO team has designed a snorkel mask that is leak-proof, anti-fog and can breathe by nose to satisfy your curiosity about the underwater world.

During the producing, every step has been checked strictly, including the safety, leakproofness and antifogging property of the snorkeling mask.

The MITO 180°full vision snorkeling mask can let you see the colorful sea world and make you breathe underwater by nose just like on the land.

We very value product’s quality and customer’s experience, so if you have any problem during the usage, please drop us an E-mail.(Email dress)


1 180°Panoramic view: An innovative snorkeling mask enabling you to see and breathe underwater just like on land.

2 With a longer dry top breathing tube,you can snorkel deeply underwater. A customized floating that stops water from getting into your mouth.you can breathe freely and snorkel deeply.

3 GoPro Camera Mount:Easy attached to Gopro cameras,capture your adventure and share it with your friends and family.

4 Adjustable elastic straps with buckle: It can be adjusted to any face, more comfortable to wear, no more pulled hair.

5 Double cycle design, even in the water can also use the nose and mouth to breathe.

6 Anti-fogging: Separate inhaling and exhaling channels effectively stops the mask from fogging up.

Item Type: Durable Full Face Diving Mask
Sport Type: Diving, Swimming, Snorkeling and other Underwater
Suitable for: Gopro hero 1, 2, 3+, gopro cameras
Material: PC+Liquid Silicone
Gender: Unisex
Feature: Full Face Mask
With: Camera Holder

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